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 The Orwells – Remember When (2012)

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MensajeTema: The Orwells – Remember When (2012)   Sáb 11 Ago 2012, 00:12

Disco debut de un nuevo grupo de chavales que prometen. Onda punkie

Citación :
You almost don’t want to believe it, it seems so perfect. Five kids from suburban Chicago, wrapped in scuffed-up jeans, writing punk songs about going to the mall, dedicating their work to the girls who work at the go-kart stand, right-out rejecting the Winnie Coopers and the soccer practice and the daytime trips to Steak and Shake. You have to tell yourself: we’ve heard this before. It’s a story as old as rock ‘n’ roll, or as old as the suburbs themselves, which is the same thing. Give your gym coach the middle finger, choke the neck of your guitar: make rock ‘n roll music. How many more garage bands do we need? Can we still squeeze the last drops of teenage angst from that old tapestry?

Yes, we apparently can. Or, actually, Elmhurt, IL, teenagers The Orwells can, and do, unleashing a torrent on Remember When, their full-length debut. The album drips with basement sweat and suburban anxiety, shoving past hallway traffic and into teenage liberation, full of the same cocksure swagger that powers fellow Chicagolanders Smith Westerns. But where that group’s debut broke away from its lo-fi rumble into pouty glam, The Orwells double down. They’re not breakneck enough to be the Sex Pistols, but just as that group scrambled early rock structures, they perform the double irony of playing like they’re covering the Stones covering someone else: indifference on top of naive devotion that seems less and less naive as the record plays out.


http://aquariumdrunkard.info/upload/08%20In%20My%20Bed.mp3 MOLA
http://aquariumdrunkard.info/upload/12%20Under%20The%20Flowers.mp3 TRUÑO

para una evaluacion mas completa a la caverna- cat

The Orwells - Who Needs You from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.

The ORWELLS - The Righteous One from Eddie O'KEEFE on Vimeo.

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The Orwells – Remember When (2012)
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