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 The Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet (2011)

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MensajeTema: The Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet (2011)   Lun 11 Jun 2012, 20:40

A pesar del año por la calidad sónica creo que merece un lugar en esta sección del foro.

Blazing fundamental rock with extreme likability. The newest edition of rock tirades by Iowa based band The Poison Control Center, Stranger Ballet (from Afternoon Records), is unwavering from start to finish. A fast burning guitar cigar packed heavy with story telling and meaningful lyrics, Stranger Ballet is a clean almost effortless smoke. It takes a couple listens for you to stop rocking out with it and finally pay some attention to the lyrics, but once you do and complete the package, you'll find it might be one of the best rock albums of the year. This album even has a couple nuances of experimental rock that are quite awesome, including the eighth track "Porcelain Brain". On it, you'll find a pretty tight pop backdrop with tempo changes and lyrics that really make it the album's stand out track. But you'll also be pleased with traditional rock from the second cut, "Some Ordinary Vision" and some heavier rock on "Dracula's Casket", which might cause you to time travel just a bit back into the 90's. Stranger Ballet is a perfect follow-up album to Sad Sour Future (which we named one of 2010's top 50), and provides an instant distraction from your day. Just be sure to catch them live in concert. Their albums may blur your mind, but their performances will blow it.--- 83Music

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The Poison Control Center - Stranger Ballet (2011)
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